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What is Brickyard?

Brickyard is a community of creative, forever-hustling entrepreneurs, small business owners, startups, remote workers and hopefully you that are committed not only to building great businesses, products and services from exactly where they want to be in the world but also to supporting each other.

Why does Brickyard exist?

Brickyard exists to create thriving, collaborative communities to the entrepreneurs, small business owners, startups and big company remote workers who need them. It’s more than simply a place to work. It’s shared mission. It’s a community that pushes, supports and champions its members as they pursue their passions from exactly where they want to be in the world.

Where is Brickyard?

Brickyard has multiple locations.

View them all here.

Who makes up Brickyard's membership?

There is no standard Brickyarder. Members are young two-person startups. They’re freelance writers, photographers and videographers. They’re independent consultants. They’re ecommerce retailers. They’re coaches, investors. They’re remote employees of Fortune 500 companies.

The commonality? Every Brickyarder believes that a great place to live should be a great place to work too.

What membership plans are offered?

Brickyard offers three types of memberships: Flex, Dedicated and Private.

Flex memberships offer first come, first serve workspace access, 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.; Monday through Friday access; and standard conference room rights,

Dedicated memberships offer a permanent desk; 24×7 secure access; preferred conference room rights; and on-desk branding.

Private memberships offer a private, lockable office that accommodates two-to-three desks; 24×7 secure access; preferred conference room rights; and office door signage/branding.

All Brickyard memberships include high-speed internet, a business address, unlimited printing and copying, unlimited beverages, full kitchen access and advanced notice on Brickyard events.

Learn more about Brickyard memberships.

What amenities does Brickyard offer?

All Brickyard memberships include high-speed internet, a business address, mail services, unlimited printing and copying, unlimited coffee and beverages, full kitchen access, advanced notice on exclusive Brickyard events and Brickyard community manager support.

Flex memberships offer work space on a first come, first serve basis during normal operating hours, and standard conference room rights.

Dedicated membership offer a permanent, branded desk, 24-hour secure access seven days a week, and preferred conference room rights.

Private memberships include a lockable office with 2-3 desks, 24×7 secure access, priority conference room rights and on-door signage.

Can I have clients or customers meet me at Brickyard?

Absolutely! Brickyard has plenty of meeting space, whether it’s deskside, in the common areas or in the conference rooms. See membership levels for conference room rights.

I am writing a story that could use input from Brickyard. How do I get in touch?

Easy. Email press@thebrickyard.co and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.