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General Questions

What is Brickyard?

Brickyard exists to create thriving, collaborative communities for entrepreneurs, small business owners, startups and remote workers.

We are more than a workplace. We are a community that pushes, supports and champions its members as they pursue their passions from wherever they are in the world.

Why Was Brickyard Created?

Brickyard was created to provide a clean, comfortable workspace for anyone, along with a supportive community with similar goals to grow alongside.

Brickyard continues to grow as companies decentralize from their offices and move toward contract and remote work, giving more people like you the choice to work in new environments.

What Are Brickyard's Values?


Our brand is not defined by our workspaces, but by the people within them. Brickyard encourages communication and collaboration among our members and cultivates a supportive, engaging workplace culture. We enhance our local communities and foster economic growth within them through civic involvement and charitable giving.


Brickyard responds and adapts to the changing nature of work through our community-centered coworking offerings. Brickyard is committed to working creatively and collaboratively with our members to solve problems and achieve goals. Brickyard offers a variety of spaces, membership options and workplace tools to accommodate the needs of our community members.


Brickyard is committed to the pursuit of knowledge. We educate our team to be exceptional resources for our members and outstanding stewards in our communities. We educate our members by providing them with expertise and tools for their personal and professional development. We champion the education of our area’s youth, volunteer our time in our local schools, advocate for improvements in our education systems, and support education-focused charitable initiatives.


Brickyard is driven by growth. Brickyard provides resources and amenities to encourage the growth and provide for the success of the individuals, businesses, and communities we serve. We foster the growth of our members by helping them develop their brands, define their goals, expand their networks, and access their targets. We achieve growth by expanding our brand, locations, and reach throughout the metro area to nurture our region’s economic development.


Brickyard is focused on delivering a quality experience to every member. From workspaces to amenities to customer service, we aim to fulfill our commitment to quality and exceed our members’ expectations. We uphold high standards within our communities and work systematically to plan, execute and grow our programs and offerings to position ourselves as innovators in coworking effectiveness and excellence.

How is Brickyard Different?

The story of Brickyard begins with Clarke-Hook, a family-owned commercial real estate business that goes back four generations. No competitor has our community track record and business legacy. When a member trusts their name, their brand, and their clients to a partner like Brickyard, they are making a commitment to building their brand and creating their own legacy.

What are Brickyard's hours?

Members have 24/7 access to their offices, and each location is staffed with Community Managers during business hours Monday through Friday.

How many locations does Brickyard have?

Brickyard has three locations:

Ashburn is located at 44927 George Washington Blvd, Suite #265, Ashburn VA 20147.

Chantilly is located at 14508 Lee Road, Suite E, Chantilly, VA 20151.

Woodbridge is located at 2700 Neabsco Common Place, Suite #101, Woodbridge VA 22191.

Services & Amenities Questions

What amenities does Brickyard offer?

All Brickyard memberships include high-speed internet, a business address, mail services, printing and copying, unlimited coffee and beverages, kitchen access, advanced notice on exclusive Brickyard events, and Brickyard Community Manager support.

Flex, Dedicated and Private Office memberships all include 24/7 secure access and conference room use.

The Flex membership offers the use of an available desk in our shared workspace.

The Dedicated membership includes a desk and filing cabinet reserved for your use, as well as your business branding on your desk.

The Private Office membership includes a lockable office furnished with sit-stand desks, chairs and filing cabinets, as well as on-door signage.

How do conference rooms work?

Each membership includes a monthly allotment of credit hours for conference room use:

  • Flex Desk Members: 6 Credits
  • Dedicated Desk Members: 8 Credits
  • Private Office Members: 12 Credits

These credits do not roll over from month to month. Members can book meeting rooms through Brickyard Connect. Discounted bundles of additional credit hours are available for purchase in the member store; these credits are good for one year.

How does WiFi work at Brickyard?

We have enterprise-grade, gigabit-speed Wifi with a redudant network configuration at all three of our locations. Each Private Office is on its own VLAN so Private Office members can create their own private network. We have a password-protected member network and a guest network that Day Pass users and visitors can connect to without a password.

Can I use Brickyard as my business address?

Absolutely! We’ll collect your mail and notify you of any visitors you get while you are a member.

Are there additional costs for amenities?

Coffee, drinks, printing, mail, WiFi, events, parking, notarization and conference rooms are all included with your membership. We offer only a few services that are not included in your membership, such as mail forwarding.

Does Brickyard offer onsite parking?

Yes we do! Once you are a member, check out our ‘How To’ guides in Brickyard Connect for parking instructions for each location.

What is Brickyard's Guest Policy?

You are welcome to bring in guests to meet or work with you! Brickyard has plenty of meeting space, whether it’s deskside, in the common areas or in the conference rooms.

We ask that all guests be brought to the community manager’s attention upon entry, and that members do not leave their guests unaccompanied in our workspace.


What Membership Plans are Offered?

Brickyard offers four types of membership: Virtual, Flex, Dedicated and Private Office.

Virtual memberships offer a physicial mailing address for your business, access to our member platfrom (Brickyard Connect), and access to all of our member events.

Flex Desk memberships offer the use of our community desks on a first come, first serve basis. Flex members have 24/7 secure workspace access and six conference room credit hours.

Dedicated Desk memberships offer a desk and locking file cabinet reserved for your use; 24/7 secure access; eight conference room credit hours; and on-desk branding.

Private Office memberships offer a private, lockable office that accommodates two to seven desks; 24/7 secure access; twelve conference room credit hours; and office door signage/branding.

All Brickyard memberships include high-speed internet, a business address, printing and copying, unlimited beverages, full kitchen access and advanced notice on Brickyard events.

Learn more about Brickyard memberships.

Who Makes Up Brickyards Membership?

There is no standard Brickyard member. Our community consists of startups, freelancers, consultants, retailers, coaches, investors, remote employees – the list goes on.

The commonality? Every member believes that a great place to work should also be a great place to live.

Does Brickyard Offer Virtual Memberships?

Yes, Brickyard offers Virtual memberships to accomodate businesses that only need a professional business and mailing address. Virtual members also get access to all of our networking and learning events, and reduced Day Pass rates.

Does Brickyard Offer a Military Discount?

Yes; we offer an active and retired military discount of 10% off monthly on all memberships apart from private offices, for which we offer a military discount of $100/month. This discount also applies to spouses and dependents of military personnel with an active ID card. Discount does not apply to Day Passes or external conference room bookings.

What if I cannot use my membership anymore?

We completely understand if your business has changed to the point where our offices simply do not fit your needs. If your business has outgrown our space or is moving to a different region, just let us know.

Flex and Dedicated Members must give our Community Managers a minimum of thirty days’ notice before leaving, and Private Offices must provide sixty days’ notice. The only exception is when a private office is still fulfilling its initial minimum contract period.

Other Questions

How do I refer another company to Brickyard and what are the benefits?

We are so glad you’d like to invite someone new into the Brickyard community! You can read more about our member referral program here.

Does Brickyard offer any special benefits or perks?

Yes we do! Our community managers outreach within our local communities to try to arrange deals for our members with local businesses. Check out our member perks to see what deals we have active currently, from discounts on local hotels to fitness memberships.

Can I work from any Brickyard once I am a member?

When you get a membership, you will get a choice of your primary office space, and will be able to request Day Passes at our other locations. However, you will not be able to visit our other locations without letting your community manager know and obtaining a Day Pass for your visiting location.

What is Brickyard's pet policy?

Service animals are always welcome, but we generaly discourage pets in our offices out of consideration for members who struggle with allergies.

I am writing a story that could use input from Brickyard. How do I get in touch?

Our marketing and press team can definitely help! Check in with us at