Karl Nobert – ReCellerate

There have been so many fascinating conversations about the leading edge science behind some of the things our member Karl Nobert has been working on with his company ReCellerate. ReCellerate, Inc. was established in January 2014 as a veterinary pharmaceutical company focused on the development of safe and effective cell-based drug products for the repair and treatment of various conditions in horses, dogs and cats. The Company is pursuing U.S. FDA and European drug approvals for all of their products.

Currently ReCellerate is primarily focusing its efforts on the development of a stem cell product for horses. The product, EquiFlow Aerosol Mist, is delivered by nebulizer and is intended to treat respiratory conditions in high-performance horses. The product cannot be legally sold in the U.S. right now because it has yet to receive FDA approval. The Company expects approval in the next 2-3 years. However, ReCellerate has started selling EquiFlow in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where interest in the product is quickly growing. The Company has also scheduled it’s first racing camel to be treated in the next 2 weeks.

Karl has been a member at Brickyard for a little over one year now. He was looking for a start-up center with shared office space and office services; and a group of good people pursuing similar small business goals for the exchange of ideas and information. The Company is headquartered in Loudoun County so Brickyard was a natural choice!

What Karl likes most about being here at Brickyard is a shared sentiment among most of our members:

“Definitely, the people and environment. It’s a friendly and positive space filled with a significant number of interesting and creative people and companies.”

Karl is passionate and motivated to help these beautiful animals because Karl has horses himself and enjoys riding in his spare time on the weekends. Karl’s business partner, Chris Grove, (also very passionate and motivated) was a professional race horse trainer for 20 years and raced horses in the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico. We love to hear about the amazing things Karl and Chris and their company ReCellerate are doing to save these animals and who knows what the future holds, maybe save human lives in the future!!

Karl’s Brickyard membership truly enables him to work diligently and collaboratively toward growing ReCellerate internationally and throughout the US. If you are interested in joining Brickyard and it’s diverse community of members like Karl, then take a moment now to reach out. Schedule a tour with us by clicking on the button below. We’d love to show you our office and welcome you as a part of Brickyard!