Marlon Yearwood – The Way City Church

This week, it is our pleasure to introduce you to Marlon Yearwood, one of our first founding members from our office in Woodbridge.

Marlon describes himself as a church planter, visionary, and pastor. His church, The Way City Church, launched in February of 2020, and is based not three minutes away from our office in the Stonebridge shopping center. Since its launch, Marlon has reached out to the local community, introducing and reacquainting some, to the gospel through prayer and discipleship with teachings from the Holy Bible.

With a heavy focus on outreach, his church has ‘adopted’ Rippon Middle School, as a place to provide Thanksgiving meals, Christmas backpacks, and other resources throughout the year to students and their families. The Way City Church strives to show it’s love for the community by working with organizations and local leaders to help meet the needs of Woodbridge, Prince William County, and the world as a whole.

After Marlon toured our space, he joined Brickyard, and quickly found himself at home:

“I desired a casual working office space that was close to where our church meets. I also wanted to be out in my community, get to know others, and learn about some of the other things being done in my city. Brickyard offered a place for all of this.”

When we asked what Marlon likes most about Brickyard, the answer was plain,

“[I like] the relationships that I have built with staff and fellow community clients [the most]. Brickyard feels like a second home and is always clean and aesthetically pleasing. Brickyard provides a place for me to both come and get some alone time as I study and plan, as well as an environment where I can host casual and important meetings as I am connecting with people.”

When Marlon socializes and meets with our other members, it’s clear that his faith is a tenant for his joy and charisma as a pastor of The Way City Church. He has worked hard over the last couple of months ministering to his church members by recording his sermons, coordinating events, and spending valuable time studying from our space. We love Marlon and his entire family for the love and compassion they share with everyone in our space, and we couldn’t imagine Brickyard without him being a part of it.

When you meet Marlon, one of the first things you’ll notice is how comfortable he is when he meets with others and speaks publicly. Turns out that Marlon got an early start learning how to speak publicly as a child actor in London, where he was born and raised. His very first main television role was in a short series on BBC called “Pig Heart Boy” (1999), based on Malorie Blackman’s fictional novel. If you’d like, you can take a look at the trailer yourself: 🙂

What an incredible privilege it has been getting to know and spend time with you Marlon. We look forward to having you as a part of our community for many years to come, and that your church continues to grow in the future! If you are interested in becoming a member at the Brickyard just like Marlon, we welcome you with open arms to join the ever growing community in Woodbridge. Check out the benefits of membership and the plans we offer by clicking on the button below.