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Jeremy Caruthers – The Miserable Company

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to The Miserable Company Team, arguably some of our most creative and enthusiastic members here at Brickyard. The Miserable Company is a media company that makes spectacular digital media content for themselves and their clients. They have a podcast (which one of our community managers got to be a part of) and a YouTube channel where they talk about personal growth and mindset. There are also many instances of them just talking about absolutely nothing (check out their “Casual Friday” podcast about soup: Yep, just soup). They have worked with some incredible clients and have been seen and heard internationally on television! Check out some of that work on their expanding portfolio.

The Miserable Company is made up of four talented (and self proclaimed attractive) individuals: Jeremy Caruthers, Paul “Paulie” Howard, Phill Keeys, and Kenny Thompson. Combined, they have several decades of experience with audio/video production to include branding and design work. 

They’ve traveled and worked together all over the world, created music recordings and developed documentaries from hundreds of miles inside the Arctic circle and into the heart of the Amazon. 

Jeremy, specifically, has been producing, performing, and writing music for many years.  After realizing two of his dreams (performing in an arena and performing on The National Mall), he began investigating what else might be out there that he’d enjoy doing. During this time of self discovery, he was involved with a non-profit called Far Flung Tin Can, which made it possible for him to travel all over the world both shooting film and appearing in documentaries. Working as both an audio engineer and videographer for a long time and gaining experience in both, he decided he wanted to figure out a way to combine the two.

Jeremy then reached out to his three good friends (enter Paulie, Phill and Kenny) who had complimentary skills that complimented his own and they decided to collaborate.  Paulie is an incredible photographer and graphic designer who Jeremy had worked alongside for many years. Kenny is a wildly successful filmmaker with a rapidly growing YouTube channel. Phill is multi-talented individual and a successful entrepreneur in his own right, recently opening the extremely popular Ruby’s Jamaican Kitchen in Alexandria, VA. Since they came together, they have worked on branding, music videos, photoshoots, and hundreds of really neat and creative ventures with other artists and creatives alike. 

Jeremy stated, “It’s been awesome seeing our work get put in front of such large audiences on such a regular basis. We didn’t anticipate such significant work so early in our story. Thankfully, as a team, we have been able to deliver!”.

When we asked Jeremy what motivated The Miserable Company to make the leap and join Brickyard, he stated: 

“Simple: coffee, Ann [Orem], Mary [Keegan], and David [Behrens]. In that order. Also, the facility is amazing and we knew from the tour we have found our place to grow and thrive!  We love meeting new people. We have made some very good friends in just a short amount of time. Friends that we have leaned on during such a tough year, sharing experiences and concerns, but most of all encouraging and supporting one another. You can find a cool building anywhere. What makes Brickyard special is the people. The whole experience has been such a blessing for all of us.”

Curious how they came up with the name ‘The Miserable Company’?  It looks like the teams experiences together might have had an influence:

“Paul, Kenny, and I spent ten days on a boat on the Amazon River a couple of years ago while shooting a documentary. We slept on the boat and bathed in river water. We baked in the unforgiving midday sun and shivered through the damp jungle nights. We laid our heads down every night to a chorus of bat chirps and the fluttering wings of giant bugs. We (accidentally) found a village that no outsider had ever visited before over 500 miles from the place where we embarked. We trekked through a wild, punishing landscape where every plant stuck to you and each vine attempted to pull you back into the depths of the forest against your will. We were undoubtedly the most miserable we have ever been. We truly were The Miserable Company on that trip, even though we didn’t even have the business at the time. Despite the conditions, it was an amazing experience and we are all so glad we got to share it together.”  

While the talented quartet certainly make their rounds throughout the United States working on multiple projects, the opportunities where we here at Brickyard get to see them in their office recording their podcast, collaborating together, or just hanging out and eating chicken are priceless:

We consider them to be a critical part of our community’s energy and talent; they have helped several members with their own digital arts and recording needs. Plus, their office is pretty swanky too:

Interested in joining the ever growing community of talent here in Woodbridge. No need to wait, we have desks and offices available for you to start your next great idea or grow your business. Finish off 2020 with a bang and be a part of something meaningful here at Brickyard!



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