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Jennifer Jessie – Jenn The Tutor & Jenn The Marketer

Meet Jennifer, one of our first members at Brickyard Woodbridge. Jennifer is one of our members who runs two companies simultaneously, both with great missions to serve communities through education. “At Jenn the Tutor, I provide affordable and pro bono tutoring services. At Jenn the Marketer, I teach people how I grew Jenn the Tutor to a profitable business and received press in my first year of business. I have 10 years of experience in both businesses.” As a tutor, Jennifer’s mission is to create equity in education. She does so by providing access to tutoring at an affordable rate. Jennifer also runs pro bono tutoring groups and individualized sessions to those in need. While COVID-19 certainly reshaped her business, she persevered and worked with students and parents who needed additional support while transitioning to online learning. Jennifer will also be working with students who may have fallen behind due to a lack of access to school resources and technologies. As a marketing teacher, Jenn educates business owners on the strategies she used in her tutoring business and helps similar small business owners to get press, generate leads, and land clients on social media. If you’re in need of a master of marketing and want an incredible teacher, Jennifer is just who you need. She has partnered with LinkedIn Learning to develop a course on “Personal Branding for Social Media”, a worthwhile investment of your time.Our team has taken away some great tips. Check it out below!

Personal Branding on Social Media

“When it comes to social media, you need more than just a well-lit headshot and a witty tagline to cut through the noise. Professionals of all stripes—from amateur food bloggers to CEOs—need to craft a strong, authentic personal brand that’s consistent across multiple social media platforms. In this course, instructor Jennifer Jessie shows how to do just that, explaining how to create a profile that’s tailored to your ideal customer, craft compelling content, and target your audience on top social media platforms.”

Jennifer says her main reason behind joining Brickyard was to find a co-working space close to home. She had worked out of coworking spaces closer to DC but commuting was a chore and her students are closer to home. She has stated, “I am not productive when I am at home and Brickyard allows me to get rid of distractions and focus on my business. I also like that I have 24-hour access, which is important to someone like me who is a night owl.”

When asked what she loves most about Brickyard, Jennifer states…

“The space felt fresh yet functional. I loved the conference rooms as well- they are very modern. My students who came to Brickyard for a pro bono session said, ‘it looks like one of those offices in the movies.’ I also like the support I get from Brickyard. At other spaces, I felt like a visitor. At Brickyard, I feel like I am a part of the community. David, my community manager, has been really helpful, especially during COVID. I felt very supported during one of the most tumultuous periods of my business because of him. In addition, Brickyard has done a great job supporting its members through COVID. I’ve learned about grants and loans and resources for small businesses that I did not learn about anywhere else.”

Working with Jennifer has been a joy over the last few months. We are happy to hear that her business and her students are working hard and taking flight despite the challenges that the coronavirus has created for teachers and students everywhere. Jennifer, we look forward to many more successful years with you here at Brickyard.
If you are a member here at the Brickyard, send Jennifer a message and give her a warm welcome on our member platform. If you need a discussion starter ask her about how she landed an invite to the Emmys! 😲

If you’re not a member, join Jennifer and hundreds of other business owners like her, who are enjoying the many benefits of Brickyard. Get started by looking at our Founding Member plans, starting at $169/mo by clicking the button below!



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