Nick Duan – D-Tech

Meet Nick Duan and his team Thinh, Devin, Thomas, Alison, Suraj, and Sam. Nick is a member at the Brickyard and is the CTO of D-Tech, responsible for managing the R&D team, defining project requirements, and coordinating with D-Tech customers in meeting their business needs.

D-Tech is a technology focused firm that specializes in applying machine learning and data analytics to solve real-world problems. D-Tech provides a wide range of product development and engineering services, including advanced big data analytics, quantitative cybersecurity risk analysis, and software architecture and development. D-Tech customers include both the federal government and commercial enterprises.

Nick has been a Brickyard member for a long time. His dedication to work and his compassion for others is second to none. When Nick learned about so many college students losing their internships due to COVID-19, he acted immediately to give several students the opportunity to learn and grow on a very professional level (in our clean and safe environment). I have talked to a couple of Nick’s interns and each of them have expressed so much gratitude for the opportunity. They say that working with D-Tech has been an excellent learning opportunity and they are participating in ways they were not expecting to as interns. Hats off to you Nick!

When we asked Nick why he joined Brickyard he said, ”I joined Brickyard because of its great co-working space, less commuting time, and cost-savings. I like the member-friendliness, great professional service, and network opportunities with other members.”

Nick is a phenomenal member at Brickyard, and he shared a story with me about his thoughts on cloud server architecture, and the loss of one of his own internal server (memorial service and flowers welcome) made me chuckle…

“We had a hardware emergency in our computer lab today. It turned out one of [our] server machines, Lincoln, died after many years of service (a memorial service will be held this weekend. Flowers are welcome). Fortunately, I was able to transfer the hard drives to another machine and had a new server up and running again after only two hours of interruption. As more and more companies are moving their IT services to AWS and other cloud providers, maintaining your own computer hardware makes less business sense. In a couple of years, there would be fewer and fewer people who could fix hardware problems. Even more scary is to think that our lives would be controlled by a few AWS like conglomerates, from what we use and consume to what we watch and think. I guess that’s the reason why I’d still like to maintain our own computer lab, to work with and promote small businesses, to be independent and free!”

Thanks Nick for being such an outstanding member here at Brickyard, we are so glad to have you as part of our community. If you are interested in joining Nick at Brickyard and getting the chance to meet him, take a look at our memberships by clicking the button below.